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Burr and Burton is a "town academy" with a public mission. Students who reside in a sending town can attend free of charge. Sending towns vote every year to approve the school's tuition, which is paid through state property taxes. Admission is also open on an annual basis to students from other towns.

If you currently have a student attending BBA, registering another child is simple, just log into your parent account and enter the Resources section. From there, select “Apply Another Child” to launch the registration form.

If this is the first time you have registered a student to attend BBA, you will need to create your parent account. To do so, select “REGISTRATION APPLICATION” on the right side of the page. This will launch the “Create an Account” window. Do not use the Username or Password fields that appear in the window. Rather, select “Create Account” on the lower left side. After submitting your information a message will appear directing you to check your email account. There you will retrieve an embedded link that allows you to establish a private/personal password. After establishing your username and password, you will be able to register your child.

Just below, you will find a downloadable guide that contains graphics to assist in the registration process.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

For local families living in partial-paying communities, Burr and Burton offers a merit scholarship, The Belltower Merit Scholarship. Student-applicants must complete an academic record review, written essay, and reference check to be considered for a Belltower Merit Scholarship. 

For local families living in non-paying communities, Burr and Burton offers the Belltower Merit Scholarship and accepts applications for financial aid through Smart Aid. In combination, these can assist families in making a BBA education accessible. While the Belltower is merit-based, financial aid is needs-based, requiring the applicant to fill out the application. Details on the financial aid are available by visiting the Tuition Fee and Financial Aid page.

If you would like to learn more about Burr and Burton Academy, please contact Cory Herrington.

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    Cory Herrington 

    Director of Admissions
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    Emily Kohler 

    Program Coordinator for School Counseling and Admissions
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Sending Towns

Full-Pay: The full-pay, sending town rate for 2022-23 is $19,200.00.
Mt. Tabor

Partial-Pay & Private: The 2022-23 cost is $21,200.  There is a difference between the state average and BBA's tuition rate.  For 2022-23 that difference is 3,922. Burr and Burton Academy offers a merit scholarship that candidates can apply for to cover a portion of the remaining balance.

Historically, the following towns have annually approved paying the state per-pupil average.

Middletown Springs
Mount Holly/Ludlow
Rutland Town

If you have questions regarding payments from any of these towns, please contact the respective town office.

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