Two BBA Seniors Qualify as National Merit Scholarship Finalists

Georgia Lord '18

Congratulations to seniors Iren Hangen Vazquez and Noah Price for qualifying to move on to the National Merit Scholarship Finalist round.  

Only 50,000 academically talented high school students are honored by the program based on their performance on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. 15,000 out of the 50,000 students move onto the finalist round where around 7,600 will be chosen as Merit Scholarship winners. 

“Throughout my life my parents have instilled in me a desire to learn more, and a high degree of academic rigor,” senior Noah Price reflected. “This past December, my mother lost her battle with cancer. She was my closest family member, and the one person I loved most on Earth. However, I knew that all she wanted in life was for my brother and I to find success. I push forward in my studies for her, because I know that she wants to see me succeed and that she's looking down upon me proudly.”

Senior Iren Hangen Vazquez credits her teachers, mentors, and family members for getting this far, “I'm inspired by all of my teachers and mentors that have guided and impacted my education. I'm also inspired by my family, who have always prioritized education, especially that of the girls in the family, and have worked very hard to ensure that the next generation had access to as many opportunities as possible.”

In March 2021, the NMSC will begin notifying the Merit Scholarship winners with the type of scholarship they will receive. Scholarship recipients are eligible for the National Merit $2,500 scholarship, corporate-sponsored Merit scholarship, and a college-sponsored Merit scholarship. 

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