10th Annual Gawlik Awards Live at Riley Rink

Georgia Lord '18

The 10th Annual Gawlik Awards will be presented live at Riley Rink on June 2nd at 8pm. Hosted by Bill Muench, Rob Hunter, and Jim Raposa, the Gawliks will feature student-made films with appearances from special guests Willy Appelman, Tommy Walker, and Samantha Watson. There will also be music by Sounds of A&R with special guest and world renowned horn player, Tom "Bones" Malone. Senior Finuala Cree is producing the show alongside Assistant Producers Mary Mendez, Julia Ann Gregory, and Gabi Craig. 

The event will follow all COVID-19 safety protocols while maintaining the standard of excellence the audience has come to expect from the Gawliks. With the new location at Riley Rink, more people will be able to attend the awards ceremony this year than ever before. Over 120 submissions in nine categories, such as Music Film and Visual Storytelling, were submitted, and 90 have been nominated. All films submitted were made through the Burr and Burton cinematography class taught by Muench. 

Starting at 6:30PM, there will be a Red Carpet event for nominees, award presenters, and producers, where they will be interviewed and photographed. There will also be an afterparty that will consist of a special toast, drinks, and some food. Duncan Chamberlain ‘21 and Carson Cutler ‘21 will DJ the afterparty.
“Whether you are graduating or not, the Gawliks are an exciting experience for everyone as it is one of the many end of year celebrations that is open to all students. [The event] showcases and celebrates the talent and creativity of BBA’s student body, and as the student producer, it is that much more exciting for me,” said Cree. “Working with Muench to get the show together was an incredible experience and a tremendous opportunity. This event has never just been a BBA event--it is special for our whole community. I’m excited that by moving it to Riley Rink, it has afforded more members of the community the opportunity to attend.”

The event will be livestreamed with several hundred people expected to attend.  Look for the live streaming to start tomorrow at 8PM at this link: https://livestream.com/accounts/6485681/events/9696498

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