Freshman Retreat: Group 3, Make-up Date

This year's Freshman Retreats, hosted at the Mountain Campus, will focus on the social, emotional, and academic success of this historic high school class. We want to give 9thgraders an opportunity to talk and meet each other, while expanding their social circle beyond their advisory and regular academic class and cohort. We want to listen more than instruct; the retreats are to help students take stock of their early successes and challenges, to sharpen their goals and strategies for 9thgrade, to write to their advisors about life as a BBA 9thgrader. Finally, we want to spend time outdoors, for its proven benefits to mood, creativity, and stress-reduction. The retreats will be active, but not physically strenuous. Throughout the retreats, including during busing and meals, BBA’s COVID-19 health protocols will be followed: masks, distancing, and sanitation.

For more information, contact Mountain Campus Director Andy Dahlstrom.

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