Endowed Funds

Burr and Burton Academy is very pleased to acknowledge those whose tremendous generosity has provided the school with permanent funds that year after year enrich the academic experience of Burr and Burton students and teachers. The income from these funds is used annually to support faculty positions and professional development, student programs and productions, and individual student needs.

These endowed funds are an important contribution to the life of Burr and Burton Academy and we are very grateful to the donors and their families for establishing these permanent funds.

The David S. Bigelow Fund for Excellence, established in 1998 in memory of distinguished alumnus and devoted trustee Dave Bigelow ‘49, provides selected teaching faculty of the school with the financial resources necessary to further their professional development in a profound way.

The James B. ’28 and Dorothy T. Campbell Fund, established in 1983 in memory of loyal alumnus and trustee James Batchelder Campbell ‘28, supports and promotes the Field Study Program for Burr and Burton students.

The Jeffrey Charbonneau ’05 Scholarship Fund, established in 2012 in memory of young alumnus Jeffrey Charbonneau ‘05, offers support to Burr and Burton students who need financial assistance with fees, equipment, travel expenses or other items required for participation in a sport and for an annual college scholarship.

The Ryan DeFelice Fund, established in 1999 in memory of Burr and Burton junior Ryan DeFelice. This award is given in honor of a senior boy and girl from the basketball program who exhibits a love of the game, enthusiasm and dedication to the sport, and demonstrates the highest qualities of sportsmanship.

James E. Dooley Target Endowment Fund was originally established in 2001 to assist with the renovation of Campbell House, the home of Burr and Burton’s Target Program. James Dooley, member of the class of 1960, was declared missing in action in October 1967 in Vietnam. Peter Henry and Mike Powers, classmates of Jim’s, raised funds to establish a permanent endowed fund to serve as a living memorial to Jim. The Dooley Fund supports Burr and Burton’s Target Program.

The William H. Drake Mathematics Fund was established in 2008 by Bill Drake, a former math teacher at Burr and Burton. This fund at Burr and Burton supports the math programs and math department for current operations, new equipment and professional development.

The Rhys Evans Fund for Government and Law was established in 2005 by Rhys’ family to provide operating funds to support the activities related to Burr and Burton’s government, law and elections class.

The Brian J. Gawlik Media Art and Sciences Endowed Fund was established in 2010 by the Gawlik family to honor the contribution and dedication of this talented faculty member to Burr and Burton Academy and its students. This endowed fund will support the needs of the Media Arts and Sciences Department, focusing on the area of Digital Filmmaking, Cinematography, Media Studies and Communications.

The Clifford F. Giddings Fund established in 2010 in memory of alumnus Clifford Giddings ‘54, supports the study of Etymology or word history through derivation, development, origin, root and source. In addition, this fund supports the purchase of materials related to the study of words.

Theodore P. and Gabrielle G. Hastings Memorial Fund was established to provide scholarship aid to deserving students to attend Burr and Burton Academy based on ability, aptitude and the financial need of the student.

The E.H. Henry Fund for Student Life was established in 2007 in memory of Headmaster E.H. Henry by his sons Peter Henry ’60 and James Henry ’67. This fund incorporates the original fund established in 1979 in honor of Mr. Henry who served from 1943 to 1969. This fund supports student life, in particular, those students who need financial assistance for minor expenses throughout the school year. This fund also provides the E.H. Henry Headmaster’s Award to two graduating seniors, a boy and a girl, who have displayed personal qualities of integrity and sincerity.

The Kirk Raney Howard Fund was established in 1937 by Clara C. Howard to be used for the general purposes of the school.

The Irene M. Hunter Endowment for Leadership was established in 2011 by the family of Mrs. Hunter in honor of their mother and her generous philanthropic support for Burr and Burton Academy. This fund provides annual support for the position of Director of the Mountain Campus.

The Elizabeth F. Jennings Fund was established in 1989 by Elizabeth Jennings, a friend of the school. The Jennings Fund supports the Target Program, Burr and Burton’s off-site alternative education program.

The Eckehard Latz Library Fund was established in 2002 by longtime Burr and Burton faculty member Ed Latz. The fund was created to provide information resources for the library that are not provided for in the school’s operating budget.

The Jonathan Levin Teaching Chair was established in 1998 by Gerald and Barbara Riley Levin in memory of their son Jonathan. The fund helps support the salary of our video communications coordinator.

The Margaret and William Martin Target Endowment Fund was established in 2004 by their daughter Susan A. Martin, a 1963 graduate of Burr and Burton and her husband, the Honorable Michael J. Brooks, to provide operating funds for Burr and Burton’s alternative education program , the Target Program. The fund is established in honor of Margaret and William Martin who for nineteen years presided over a year-round residential program for underprivileged boys from New York and other metropolitan areas known as the Ormsby Hill Program at Burr and Burton.

The Mount Laurel Foundation Endowment Fund was established in 2010 by the Mount Laurel Foundation. The fund supports the needs of the ACCESS (Accessing Community, Careers and Education through Successful Self-Determination) Program and the Life Skills Program at Burr and Burton Academy. This includes professional development for the faculty, equipment, program needs, curricular needs, and any other needs as identified by the Director of Special Services, faculty of these programs and the Headmaster.

The Anne M. O’Leary Fund was established in 2001 by Anne’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul O’Leary. Anne was a member of the class of 1969. The fund helps support production of the The Bell Tower, Burr and Burton’s student-produced newspaper and other student media projects.

Ormsby Hill Trust Fund for Excellence was established in 2002 by longtime Burr and Burton faculty member Ed Latz. The fund provides teaching faculty from the English, Foreign Languages or Social Studies departments with the financial resources necessary to further their professional development in a profound way.

The Benjamin A. and Wendy G. Rowland Endowment Fund was established in 2007 to support the people who make Burr and Burton Academy the premier independent school in the State of Vermont. The Rowland fund will support the academics of the school and initiatives that make Burr and Burton Academy a superlative place for faculty and students to work, learn and achieve. There are three areas of focus: faculty and staff professional development (which supports two endowed faculty chairs, a sabbatical program and instructional resources), student life and learning, and a headmaster discretionary fund. This endowment fund is divided into three separate initiatives:

The Rowland Faculty and Staff Fund

The Rowland Student Life and Learning Fund

The Rowland Headmaster’s Discretionary Fund

The Peter St. John Fund was established in 1996 in memory of Burr and Burton Spanish teacher Peter St. John to provide scholarships for students interested in participating in the school’s foreign exchange program.

The Robert E. and Margaret Smith Fund for Technology was established in 2002 by great friends of the school Bob and Peg Smith. The fund was created to provide the necessary resources to impact Burr and Burton’s technology resources in a profound way.

The Thomas F. Staley Fund was established in 2002 by Sally and Kim Wichert, friend and former trustee of the school. The fund provides much needed support for the Target Program, Burr and Burton’s off-site alternative education program.

The Earle E. Storrs ’15 and Eugene Grummer Fund for Business and Finance was established by Priscilla Storrs ’48 Grummer in 2013 to support courses in Personal Finance, Introduction to Economics, and Entrepreneurship, in addition to pay for online AP courses for Micro and Macro Economics, to sponsor students to take additional business courses through the Career Development Center, sponsoring speakers on financial literacy to come in and work with our students, and other such activities.

The Caroline D. Wadsworth Fund was established in 1968 by Caroline Wadsworth, a friend of the school. Miss Wadsworth established the fund to promote the arts at Burr and Burton.

The H.J. Willing Fund was established in 1903 by Henry J. Willing to support the maintenance of the school.

The Elizabeth deC. Wilson Fund was established in 1991 by friend of the school Betty Wilson. Mrs. Wilson wished to provide for the continued effective programming for arts education at Burr and Burton with the goal of increasing exposure to the arts for all Burr and Burton students. The Wilson Fund aims to introduce and encourage an appreciation of and participation in all the arts.

The John J. Wright ’66 Social Studies Fund was established in 2009 by the Burr and Burton Academy board of trustees in honor of teacher and alumnus John Wright ‘66, who retired in June 2010 after an extraordinary forty years of service to the school. The fund will be used to support the purchase of key resources and materials for the department, offset expenses of the annual Close Up trip to Washington DC, and fund professional development for the Social Studies faculty.