• Headmaster

      Mark Tashjian

Dear Friends,

Since our founding in 1829, Burr and Burton Academy has served as an educational cornerstone for the surrounding communities. We are an independent school that serves the public, offering the personalization that is the hallmark of the best independent schools coupled with the democratic ideal of education for all.

Burr and Burton Academy provides engaging, vigorous educational experiences in academics, athletics, and the arts. With our vast array of offerings, we ensure that each student can find a place to shine within a supportive and caring community. Our students come from 13 sending towns in Vermont, 15 countries across the globe, and numerous other towns in southern Vermont.

Our commitment to serving the full range of students runs deep. We offer:
Our philosophy is simple: hire the best teachers, provide superb facilities, nurture a culture that values achievement in all its forms, celebrate the many accomplishments of our students, and strive for excellence in everything we do. We take a broad view of education and recognize the vital role that academics, athletics and the arts each play in preparing students for the 21st century.


Is it possible that a school of this caliber, with this range of opportunities, serves as the “public” school for our sending towns? The answer is, Yes: if you live in a sending town, your town pays the tuition. If you do not live in a sending town, we offer financial aid to help you bridge the gap between the cost of our tuition and what you can afford.

Please enjoy looking through our website. Explore our course offerings. Imagine yourself as part of this community. And then come for a visit, because seeing is believing. I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Burr and Burton Academy.


Mark H. Tashjian