Burr and Burton strives for cultural literacy in the 21st Century by celebrating the arts as an important component in a well rounded education. In full, the institution offers students extraordinary facilities staffed by extraordinary teachers with programs in music, dance, theater, cinematography, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, fashion design, architecture, and graphics.
The Creative Arts Department presents multiple offerings and experiences that help students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in a lifetime of artistic enjoyment and appreciation. Through project-based learning, application and performance, students also develop a mindset of perseverance along with creative and critical thinking skills.  Through interactive feedback from peers and instructors students can further develop their personal artistic voice which in turn allows them to understand their unique perspective and place in the world. 
Two full credits from the Creative Arts offerings are required for graduation: one art credit from any of the Visual, Practical, Music Studio and/or Performing Arts course offerings, and one technology credit from the Media Arts or Music Studio course offerings. See course descriptions for information on credits. 
Students in the Creative Arts often repeat courses in a specific discipline.
Thus, there are three distinct levels for most offerings: 
  • Foundations – Entry-level course.

  • Studio – Second year in a specific discipline. These courses aremore self-directed, with a portion of the content tailored to meet the needs of each student.

  • Advanced Projects – Third year in a specific discipline. Individualized curriculum is created for each student.