The strength of Burr and Burton Academy’s program is that it offers an extraordinary 140 courses each year. Students therefore have a wide and diverse array of choices in every discipline, and in multiple locations at the main campus, and the three satellite campuses: the Mountain Campus, Target, and the BBA Hildene Farm. Students may also pursue off-campus internships, dual enrollment college courses, independent study, vocational courses at Southwest Tech, and off-campus study experiences as part of their personalized learning program.

Burr and Burton's high-caliber courses in academics, athletics, and the arts provide students of all abilities and backgrounds robust opportunities for growth and exploration. Throughout, the school counselors, advisors, and teachers provide feedback and support to help guide students when selecting courses and developing goals for the future.

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Graduation Requirements

At Burr and Burton, 28 credits must be completed for graduation. The total number of credits includes 19 from required core courses; the remaining credits come from from student-selected elective courses.

Core Course Graduation Requirements:

  • English: 4 credits
  • Social Studies: 4 credits
    • World & US History: 3 credits
    • Social Studies Elective: 1 credit
  • Mathematics and Science: 7 (4/3) credits
  • Physical Education: 1 credit
  • Wellness: 1 credit
  • Arts: 1 credit
  • Technology: 1 credit

Although world language classes are not a Burr and Burton graduation requirement, they are frequently a college admissions requirement; college-bound students should plan accordingly. 

Graduation Requirements Notes

Students who attend the Mountain Campus earn a total of four required credits:  1 in social studies, 1 in science, 1 in English, and 1 in physical education.  These four credits are accepted in lieu of required courses in each curricular area on the main campus.

A student who is a member of a BBA competitive sports team for a season is eligible for a one­ third credit exemption toward the Physical Education requirement.

Students must fulfill their yearly service learning requirement.

For more information about graduation requirements, see the Course of Study. Courses that fulfill requirements for graduation in more than one discipline are listed under both disciplines.