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All students work with a Burr and Burton school counselor throughout their time in high school. School Counselors support students’ academic and personal development, helping students every step of the way, from their initial course selections to their transitions to college or other postgraduate plans. School Counselors are student advocates, utilizing an approach that recognizes the whole student and understands that academic, personal, and social development are intertwined.

School Counselors have three main areas of focus:

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  • Academic Counseling Services

    • academic, curricular planning and student scheduling
    • academic support and student advocacy
    • collaboration with teachers, advisors, the health center, and the Special Services Department
    • standardized testing, including the Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), PSAT, SAT, and ACT
    • facilitation of placement in dual enrollment, internships, at Target, Southwest Tech, and in off-campus study
  • Career and College Planning

    • Visits to and information about programs at the Career Development Center
    • Field trips and programs, such as the Sophomore Career Summit, the NEACAC College Fair and College tour, a job fair, the Reality Fair, Career & College Pathways, and a Burr and Burton alumni college and career fair
    • Hosting college admissions representatives
    • Fall and Spring college nights and Financial Aid Night
    • FAFSA completion workshop and individual financial aid meetings
    • Military Exploration program
    • workshops on Naviance, the Common Application, college essay writing, resume-building, and career interest surveys
    • Standardized test prep course
    • Junior Jump Start program and Sophomore Fall workshop
    • Mock college and job interviews
    • Senior Spring Transition Day
    • Scholarship coordination
    • Summer opportunities
    • Individual and family meetings
  • Social and Emotional Development Support

    • collaboration with outside providers
    • partnership with the Health Center and the Success Program
    • referrals for counseling
    • parent/student meetings
    • teacher communication
    • individual meetings
    • working with student clubs and various programs
    • freshman orientation and ongoing mentorship
    • transfer student orientation and follow-up programming

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Employment and Community Service

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