Life at BBA

Our Community

People and Place

The strength of Burr and Burton Academy’s caring community comes from the depth of relationships formed between students and faculty, and the school’s commitment to providing opportunity to students of all abilities, needs, and circumstances.

Teachers, coaches, and staff mentor and encourage students to set goals, try new things, and stretch and grow as they make their way through high school—and offerings ranging from diverse academic courses, extracurriculars, and experiential learning opportunities to a wide range of supportive programs and special services ensure that BBA can deliver on its promise of education for all.

That philosophy of connectedness extends as well to the unique sense of place that BBA has developed over its long history. Established in 1829, Burr and Burton was founded as a special place of engaging learning experiences and lasting relationships that would serve students for a lifetime. With fifty acres on the Main Campus, an additional 100 acres at the Mountain Campus, and two other satellite campuses at the Target Program and the BBA-Dene Farm, Burr and Burton's facilities and natural surroundings are a source of pride for both the school itself and the broader community of southwestern Vermont.