Week of 7/25 - Field Hockey (Gr. 3-6 & 7-12)


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WHEN: Week of July 25- July 29
WHERE: BBA Taylor Turf Field, Burr and Burton Academy, Manchester, VT.  The BBA gym is available in case of inclement weather.  Bring an old sock to cover your stick should we play indoors.
Age Groups:
Great news for 2022! Two age groups! 
Group ONE: 8:30-12:30 PM Entering grades 3-6
Group TWO: 10:30-2:30 PM Entering grades 7-12

Lucrecia Cabut Johnson (BBA JV Coach)
Staff:  Victoria Cabut: (Former Argentina Women’s Junior National Team member)
Sebastian Cabut: Physical Education professional and Field Hockey Coach.
What to Bring:  Shoes for turf suitability/sneakers, mouthguard, water bottle, stick, goggles, healthy snack; 
GOALIES:  Bring your own gear (or contact a coach at your school for equipment), a nutritional snack, a water bottle

Basic skills, offensive and defensive techniques, strategies, and positional play will be taught with a positive, fun, and challenging approach at a level appropriate for the experience and ability of each camper.  Goalkeepers will receive goalie-specific instruction and individualized attention.  Skills will be developed through drills, scrimmages, 7v7, and game instruction.   An emphasis on the importance of the warm-up, stretching, good nutritional habits, and POSITIVE thinking for the athlete will be incorporated throughout the week.  Athletes must provide their own equipment (mouthguard, stick, turf shoes/sneakers, goggles, water bottle; goalies must have their own equipment or see your coach BEFORE camp if you use school equipment). All campers should provide their own healthy snack and have sun protection available.   Water and sports drinks will be provided.  The last day of camp will be filled with fun competition, small and full field games; a “FUN DAY” to wrap up camp).

Lucrecia Cabut Johnson is the Coach of the BBA JV Field Hockey Team. Lucrecia has been playing field hockey through the “Sporting Club” in Argentina since she was 12 years old.  She has been a player, a coach, and an official.  Lucrecia is the oldest of six children who are all involved in the sport. Lucrecia loves the fast pace and physical demands of the sport and that it teaches young boys and girls about being part of a team as they learn and gain respect, strength, commitment, and reliance, all values she learned by playing field hockey and now wants to pass on to future generations! 

Victoria Cabut is a former Argentina Women’s Junior National Team, she represented Argentina in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore (Silver medal), 2012 Junior Panamerican Games in Guadalajara, Mexico (Gold Medal), and the 2013 FH Junior World Cup in Mönchengladbach, Germany (Silver Medal). Since 2015 Victoria has been playing professionally for European teams in Spain and most recently, Belgium. 

Sebastian Cabut is a physical education professional, physical trainer, soccer player, soccer coach, and field hockey coach. He brings valuable experience working with young athletes; introducing them to sports through dynamic games. 

For more information, contact Lucrecia Johnson at (970) 281-9697 or email: lucreciacjohnson@gmail.com

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