International Student Testimonials

“My academic goals are to explore myself in different fields of study, not to only focus on math, science and English, but also on creative arts and sports. Burr and Burton offers many great elective courses and a wide range of study opportunities that allow me to explore my interests and become a well-rounded student.” --Ruiqi (Ricky) Xue, China, Class of 2018
“One of my standards of choosing the school was because of the AP courses that the school offers. BBA has most AP courses that I can think of and I took 3 courses in my senior year. The teachers are always willing to help me whenever I need them. I live in a dorm, so I have met students from different countries, they are very nice and friendly. I consider BBA my second home. --Hieu (Harry) Minh Dang, Vietnam, Class of 2018
I arrived at BBA with the determination to enjoy school life. I chose classes that matched my hobbies, passions, and preferences. As a nature lover, the free space, trees, grass, mountains made me feel so at peace. The masses of brightly colored leaves were one of the most magnificent things I’ve seen in my life thus far. My free time was always filled with fun activities like sleepovers with friends, trips to nearby cities, different adventures. I was never bored. Come to BBA with an open and positive mindset. I promise you will get a life-changing experience. --Lara Virsik, Slovakia, Class of 2016
“I was glad I chose to study at BBA. In fact, I would have spent more years there if I could. Overall, it was an amazing academic and life experience to me. Not only did I have the chance to improve my English but also learned so much being in a completely different culture.  I have met people from all around the world and become friends with them. Some of them came to visit me in Spain later. This experience made me learn more about myself. I couldn’t be happier. My two siblings also studied at BBA and they both loved their time there.” --Lucia Matas, Spain, Class of 2012
“It was not easy for me to meet people at first, but it got easier when I met people with the same interests. I loved my host family and the friends I made. They supported me in every possible way. It was very nice to know how much they cared about me when I was in a different country all by myself, and I do see them as my family.” --Napat Satitthummanit, Thailand, Class of 2017
“BBA’s education is second to none as compared to the education in Ghana. I got to use the IPad to do my own research, finish class projects, and create arts, which I could have never imagined in my own country. The best memory I have is the trip to New York City. It was totally mind-blowing and became the highlight of my year at BBA.” --Mohammed Nuru, Ghana, Class of 2017
“I love dancing, so when I was at BBA, I joined varsity dance team and I stayed for 3 years. I made such great memories with my teammates and my coach. I put all my heart and soul into my passion.” --Yu Sasaki, Japan, Class of 2018
“I am really happy that I had the chance to study and live abroad. Before I came to BBA, I hoped to improve my English, which of course I did during my stay. I used to go to a French school and I wanted to add another language skill to my CV, then I saw German was offered and I took it without a second thought. Vermont is a cold state, but I love skiing, so it was a paradise for me. My advice for new students would be to get into sports, so that you can make friends, get in good shape and have a nice time.” --Maria De Pablo, Spain, Class of 2013

I couldn’t be happier to live with my host family and I was lucky to become close to my host brothers and host sister. When I was studying at BBA, I was about the same age as one of my host brothers and we played together on the varsity soccer team. Playing soccer was absolutely helpful for me to adapt to a new environment not only because it was something I loved to do but also because I got to know a lot of new people. Unlike the education system in my country, I was able to choose classes based my level, which was a great method.”--Rafael Atanazio, Brazil, Class of 2012

“At the time, I just had an idea to study abroad and then see where this path took me. And I was so right. I’m thankful for all the adventures that came when I started studying at BBA. After graduating from BBA, I decided to attend the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Then, throughout my studies, I went for a one-year exchange to Singapore, where I had an opportunity to work on projects for clients like Heineken, Apple, F1 and the luxury jewelry house Mouawad. Going to BBA was just the beginning. It gave me the power and confidence to live abroad all by myself and figure out how different countries work. BBA became a little playground for me where I could explore my abilities and then decide what is it that I want to pursue in the future.
So dear future international students, do not be afraid to explore. Push your boundaries and overcome your fears like I did. BBA has so much to offer that it would be a waste not to try it all. It is not only good for your academic goals but for your personal development. Another important piece of advice is to speak as much English as you can. Try to absorb yourself into the local language and the culture.”--Alina  Kuzminova, Russia, Class of 2013


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