List of 20 news stories.

  • Burr and Burton Welcomes Three New Members to the Board of Trustees

    Burr and Burton Academy today proudly announced the addition of three new members to the Board of Trustees: Thomas N. Kelly, Jr. of Manchester, William V.N. Philip of Dorset, and Pauline de Laszlo of Pawlet.

    “BBA has been incredibly fortunate to be guided by a visionary, talented and dedicated board of Trustees,” said Headmaster Mark Tashjian, “and we are honored to welcome Tom, Bill, and Pauline to the board. They bring a wealth of experience, a belief in the transformative power of education, and a love for this community that will carry our school into its third century.”
  • 9th Grade Service Day Information

    On Monday, September 12th, all 9th graders will spend their school day out in our community giving back.  We are proud to be a school that includes education for service in our mission. 
  • Neugebauer with Conway Snyder and their instrument carried to the moon by astronauts.

    Alumni Interview: Five Things That Matter with Marcia MacDonald Neugebauer '50

    Marcia MacDonald Neugebauer ’50 is being inducted into the Burr and Burton Hall of Fame on Saturday, September 24 during Reunion Weekend, when she will receive the Alumni Achievement Award. We sat down with Marcia to discuss her work and how her early years at Burr and Burton helped set the stage for her career. 

    It’s hard to find a more celebrated moment in U.S. history than NASA during the early days of the space race. And Hollywood most certainly agrees, having churned out scores of biopics elevating and celebrating the brilliant minds who first placed Armstrong on the moon. Before that “one small step for man” in 1969, there were countless hours of scientific theory, space instrument creation, and many other spacecraft sent up to observe and report on the great beyond. 
  • Bulldog Leadership Summit - September 11th

    We are excited about our 7th annual, student-led retreat on Sunday, September 11th. The goal of the Bulldog Leadership Summit is to create a community of student leaders who use their influence as leaders to transform the culture of Burr and Burton so that integrity, selflessness, and respect for everybody is embraced. We aim to inspire students to lead through character, accountability, and adding value to others.
  • BBA Students Attend the National Leadership Summit

    Early in the morning of July 18th, 4 students (including Will Ameden and Calum Morell from BBA) left for Indianapolis as the Vermont Student Ambassadors to the National Student Leadership Summit. With students from more than 30 states and parts of Canada, they engaged in 3 days of leadership training and service work.
  • Fall Play Auditions - Monday

    Read on for all the details about auditioning for the fall play, The One Act Play that Goes Wrong.
  • Nice work, Bulldogs!

    As the 2022-23 school year approaches, we'd like to congratulate the students who made the 2021-22 Headmaster's List and Honor Roll. 

    Nice work, Bulldogs! The more you give, the higher you fly!

    Addington, William'22Headmaster
    Aldrich, Tobianna'22Headmaster
    Alfano, Michael'22Headmaster
    Andersen, Chloe'22Headmaster
    Andres, Thomas'22Headmaster
    Beavin, Carson'22Headmaster
    Brand, Julia'22Headmaster
    Burnham, Molly'22Headmaster
    Callen, Dillon'22Headmaster
    Canon, Sophie'22Headmaster
    Carrara, Matthew'22Headmaster
    Cox, Mason'22Headmaster
    Crispe, Ayden'22Headmaster
    Cubberly, Lou'22Headmaster
    Cyr, Hannah'22Headmaster
    Dryden, Skylar'22Headmaster
    Dykes, Jesse'22Headmaster
    Ewens, Keegan'22Headmaster
    Farrell, Lucy'22Headmaster
    Forest, Noah'22Headmaster
    Hickey, Lily'22Headmaster
    Hoos, Emily'22Headmaster
    Jacobs, Nathaniel'22Headmaster
    Kehoe, Alexander'22Headmaster
    Lahue, Henry'22Headmaster
    Levitas, Francesca'22Headmaster
    Marion, Perrin'22Headmaster
    Miceli, Dominick'22Headmaster
    Mills, Jacob'22Headmaster
    Morrow, Hilary'22Headmaster
    Newsome, Alexis'22Headmaster
    O'Keefe, Daisy'22Headmaster
    Perkins, Merritt'22Headmaster
    Perry, Ada-Grace'22Headmaster
    Piromtheeravanich, Nathipong'22Headmaster
    Podda, Vittoria'22Headmaster
    Reid, Andrew'22Headmaster
    Ruley, Charlotte'22Headmaster
    Russell, Rowan'22Headmaster
    Salmon, Teri'22Headmaster
    Sands, Tatum'22Headmaster
    Seiden, Hazel'22Headmaster
    Seymour, Alexis'22Headmaster
    Smithwick, Amos'22Headmaster
    Stevenson, Samantha'22Headmaster
    Swenor, Charlotte'22Headmaster
    Witkin, Alexa'22Headmaster
    Brenner, Nathan'23Headmaster
    Bronzo, Alexandra'23Headmaster
    Bryant, Willa'23Headmaster
    Cabasco, Grace'23Headmaster
    Cao, Thai Tien Dung'23Headmaster
    Claire, Andrew'23Headmaster
    Danielsen, Audrey'23Headmaster
    de Jounge, Emilia'23Headmaster
    Duffy, Charlotte'23Headmaster
    Durgin, Gracie'23Headmaster
    Favor, Adrienne'23Headmaster
    Fusco, Cassidy'23Headmaster
    Fusco, Concetta'23Headmaster
    Geist, Timothy'23Headmaster
    Genard, Benjamin'23Headmaster
    Gordon, Shterna'23Headmaster
    Gray-Smith, Giselle'23Headmaster
    Gunther, Paige'23Headmaster
    Humphrey, Qwynn'23Headmaster
    Knafel, Jamie'23Headmaster
    Larue, Emmett'23Headmaster
    Lepsch Perez, Maria Luisa'23Headmaster
    Levis, Gavriel'23Headmaster
    Levitas, Antonia'23Headmaster
    McDonald, Grace'23Headmaster
    McGowan, Gwendolyn'23Headmaster
    Monahan, Clare'23Headmaster
    Moulis, Catherine'23Headmaster
    Mulroy, Eric'23Headmaster
    Muñoz Wells, Emma Jean'23Headmaster
    Nguyen, Ha Nhat'23Headmaster
    O'Donnell, Nicholas'23Headmaster
    Patel, Kush'23Headmaster
    Prins, Kylie'23Headmaster
    Samuelson, Katherine'23Headmaster
    Sheehan, Ella'23Headmaster
    Southworth, Kyle'23Headmaster
    Stevenson, Harper'23Headmaster
    Sweeney, Tea'23Headmaster
    Tashjian, Ella'23Headmaster
    Thomas, Emma'23Headmaster
    Towne, Makayla'23Headmaster
    Underwood, Delana'23Headmaster
    Waller, Oscar'23Headmaster
    Weber, Brooke'23Headmaster
    Witkin, Sophia'23Headmaster
    Young, Amber'23Headmaster
    Afonso-Rojas, Olivia'24Headmaster
    Alfano, Christopher'24Headmaster
    Ameden, Will'24Headmaster
    Cole, Samuel'24Headmaster
    Cox, Austin'24Headmaster
    Decker, Julia'24Headmaster
    Durgin, Austin'24Headmaster
    Durgin, Caleb'24Headmaster
    Faltskog, Gianna'24Headmaster
    Grazioso, Maura'24Headmaster
    Haber, Meredith'24Headmaster
    Harris, Lillian'24Headmaster
    Honigsfeld, Jacob'24Headmaster
    Hornby, Michael'24Headmaster
    Huerta, Gabriel'24Headmaster
    Hutcheson, Lily'24Headmaster
    Kajah, Lily'24Headmaster
    Kopeck, Abigail'24Headmaster
    Kulis, Sydney'24Headmaster
    Lahue, Myles'24Headmaster
    Langstaff-French, Jaia'24Headmaster
    LeVine, Katherine'24Headmaster
    Lewit, Sky'24Headmaster
    Macel, Olivia'24Headmaster
    McCoy, Jack'24Headmaster
    Mirenda, Sofia'24Headmaster
    Morell, Robert'24Headmaster
    Mylott, Makenna'24Headmaster
    O'Keefe, Siobhan'24Headmaster
    Powers, Josephine'24Headmaster
    Proctor, Trey'24Headmaster
    Realmuto, Adriana'24Headmaster
    Robbins, Oakley'24Headmaster
    Saccamango, Shaelyn'24Headmaster
    Sanchez Esquivel, Isabel'24Headmaster
    Scudder, Isabella'24Headmaster
    Seiden, Isaac'24Headmaster
    Vernon, Isaac'24Headmaster
    Via, Carter'24Headmaster
    Viola, Evelyn'24Headmaster
    Wright, James'24Headmaster
    Ahlers, Justus'25Headmaster
    Alderman, Emerson'25Headmaster
    Asciutto, Caroline'25Headmaster
    Beavin, Emersen'25Headmaster
    Chan, Vincy'25Headmaster
    Cohn, Dahlia'25Headmaster
    Cornwell, Hazel'25Headmaster
    Cyr, Charles'25Headmaster
    Czechel, Stanley'25Headmaster
    Dryden, Ethan'25Headmaster
    Duncan, Zoe'25Headmaster
    Egbert, Liam'25Headmaster
    Foley, Lorenzo'25Headmaster
    Hansen, Mika'25Headmaster
    Harrington, Mia'25Headmaster
    Kijak, Marina'25Headmaster
    Kirkpatrick, Benjamin'25Headmaster
    Kitts, Jackson'25Headmaster
    LaRue, Lily'25Headmaster
    Levis, Talula'25Headmaster
    Markcrow, Anna'25Headmaster
    Michael, Max'25Headmaster
    Morris, Joseph'25Headmaster
    Mulkey, Johnathan'25Headmaster
    Noerr, Jack'25Headmaster
    Poodiack, Dillon'25Headmaster
    Read, Matthew'25Headmaster
    Redmond, Christin'25Headmaster
    Rutins, Alexander'25Headmaster
    Smithwick, Shea'25Headmaster
    Southworth, Emma'25Headmaster
    Steeves-Boey, Marta'25Headmaster
    Teitelbaum, Carter'25Headmaster
    Traver Adolphus, Xavier'25Headmaster
    Treat, Lindsey'25Headmaster
    Tully, Francesca'25Headmaster
    Viglas, Oliver'25Headmaster
    von Ballmoos, Madeline'25Headmaster
    Walker, Boden'25Headmaster
    Williams, Maya'25Headmaster
    Wood, Lillian'25Headmaster
    Woods, Luke'25Headmaster
    Anselmo, Carly
    Baker, Laurel'22Honor Roll
    Barclay, Livia'22Honor Roll
    Barnwell, Michael'22Honor Roll
    Beach, Anabelle'22Honor Roll
    Bradley, Liam'22Honor Roll
    Cole, Hunter'22Honor Roll
    Corbett, Connor'22Honor Roll
    Crabtree, Margaret'22Honor Roll
    Crane, Montgomery'22Honor Roll
    Downey, Mylee'22Honor Roll
    Furman, Miles'22Honor Roll
    Gilliam, Piper'22Honor Roll
    Gourley, Judd'22Honor Roll
    Grabher, Matthew'22Honor Roll
    Granger, Sophie'22Honor Roll
    Gray, Annabelle'22Honor Roll
    Gregory, Cristina'22Honor Roll
    Harris, Serena'22Honor Roll
    Iglesias, William'22Honor Roll
    Iris, Isabel'22Honor Roll
    Jarvis, Taylor'22Honor Roll
    Jasinski, Carter'22Honor Roll
    Jiang, Yuhan'22Honor Roll
    Kehoe, Joshua'22Honor Roll
    Konold, Aiden'22Honor Roll
    Lacoste, Alexandria'22Honor Roll
    Langan, Fiona'22Honor Roll
    Langan, Lucia'22Honor Roll
    Lawrence, Briana'22Honor Roll
    Levene, Caitlin'22Honor Roll
    Levene, Charles'22Honor Roll
    Li, Zimeng'22Honor Roll
    Mackson, Nicole'22Honor Roll
    Mathews, Madox'22Honor Roll
    McArdle, Ian'22Honor Roll
    McGlinn, Madeline'22Honor Roll
    Meyer, Zoe'22Honor Roll
    Murphy-Major, Molly'22Honor Roll
    Parent, Calvin'22Honor Roll
    Parker, Jenna'22Honor Roll
    Pau, Niccolò'22Honor Roll
    Paxson, Claire'22Honor Roll
    Pearson, Aryanna'22Honor Roll
    Proctor, Brielle'22Honor Roll
    Raso, Oscar'22Honor Roll
    Ruley, Madeleine'22Honor Roll
    Saunders, Sebastian'22Honor Roll
    Stauffer, August'22Honor Roll
    Teitelbaum, Allison'22Honor Roll
    Thuermer, MacLean'22Honor Roll
    Virgilio, Keller'22Honor Roll
    Vogel, Casey'22Honor Roll
    Wang, Xiangying'22Honor Roll
    Zens, Lili'22Honor Roll
    Abdulraheem, Khalid'23Honor Roll
    Arrington, Lucas'23Honor Roll
    Billings, Summer'23Honor Roll
    Birch, Lily'23Honor Roll
    Blesofsky, Elijah'23Honor Roll
    Borhek, Maxwell'23Honor Roll
    Catapano, John'23Honor Roll
    Cherry, Kaitlynn'23Honor Roll
    Ciccone, Mia'23Honor Roll
    Corrigan, Hailey'23Honor Roll
    Crabtree, Kathryn'23Honor Roll
    Crabtree, Michael'23Honor Roll
    Cree, Orlaith'23Honor Roll
    Czechel, Christina'23Honor Roll
    Dix, Jazmyn'23Honor Roll
    Dykes, Tela'23Honor Roll
    Egbert, Charles'23Honor Roll
    Eyre, Helen'23Honor Roll
    Faucher, Alexandra'23Honor Roll
    George, Lydia'23Honor Roll
    Goodell, Hannah'23Honor Roll
    Gray, Brody'23Honor Roll
    Greene, Trevor'23Honor Roll
    Hadlock, Hailey'23Honor Roll
    Halstead, Julien'23Honor Roll
    Henning, Sotirios'23Honor Roll
    Hyde, Jason'23Honor Roll
    Jacobson, Charles'23Honor Roll
    Jewett, Ian'23Honor Roll
    Kaplan, Miles'23Honor Roll
    Kennedy, Matthew'23Honor Roll
    Koeppe, Jake'23Honor Roll
    Krusiewski, Elaina'23Honor Roll
    Lavallee III, Carl'23Honor Roll
    Lewis, Hadley'23Honor Roll
    Lincourt, Carter'23Honor Roll
    Lou, Jiabei'23Honor Roll
    Ma, Kairun'23Honor Roll
    Majorell, Torleif'23Honor Roll
    Mara, Rorie'23Honor Roll
    McIntyre, Halyn'23Honor Roll
    McMahon, Aiden'23Honor Roll
    Miosek, Madilyn'23Honor Roll
    Moran, Delaney'23Honor Roll
    Morin, Victoria'23Honor Roll
    Muchler, Shae'23Honor Roll
    Muñoz Wells, Abigail'23Honor Roll
    O'Donnell, Nora'23Honor Roll
    Pitcher, Annabel'23Honor Roll
    Poodiack, Chase'23Honor Roll
    Poodiack, Owen'23Honor Roll
    Porter, Kaylie'23Honor Roll
    Prescott, Tristan'23Honor Roll
    Realmuto, Alexander'23Honor Roll
    Rosenbauer, Brett'23Honor Roll
    Schaub, Ilsa'23Honor Roll
    Sherwood, Amelia'23Honor Roll
    Soubelet, Madison'23Honor Roll
    Steinman, Audrey'23Honor Roll
    Towslee, Ava'23Honor Roll
    Urbanski, Connor'23Honor Roll
    von Ballmoos, Emma'23Honor Roll
    Wang, Yiru'23Honor Roll
    Watanasri, Thun'23Honor Roll
    White, Eli'23Honor Roll
    Woods, Noah'23Honor Roll
    Zhang, Shuman'23Honor Roll
    Barnwell, Megan'24Honor Roll
    Barton, Riley'24Honor Roll
    Biondi, Isabella'24Honor Roll
    Bond, Evelyn'24Honor Roll
    Bradley, Cora'24Honor Roll
    Brown, Carson'24Honor Roll
    Brownlee, Max'24Honor Roll
    Buckley, Cristo'24Honor Roll
    Carrara, Christopher'24Honor Roll
    Carson, Megan'24Honor Roll
    Casey, Taylor'24Honor Roll
    Cave, Carter'24Honor Roll
    Cole, Nathaniel'24Honor Roll
    Crane, Francis'24Honor Roll
    Cyr, Hilary'24Honor Roll
    Dennis, Luke'24Honor Roll
    Downey, Kaelin'24Honor Roll
    Gotshall, Angelina'24Honor Roll
    Gray, Peyton'24Honor Roll
    Jacobs, Jonathan'24Honor Roll
    Jager, Skylar'24Honor Roll
    Kelly, Connor'24Honor Roll
    Konold, Gavin'24Honor Roll
    Kruczala, Stefanie'24Honor Roll
    Lacaillade, Noelle'24Honor Roll
    Maiello, Lyra'24Honor Roll
    Maneggia, Andrew'24Honor Roll
    Morgan, Mackenzie'24Honor Roll
    Nofziger, Iris'24Honor Roll
    Nolan, Weston'24Honor Roll
    Northrop, Alexis'24Honor Roll
    Nowicki, Bennet'24Honor Roll
    O'Neil, Torin'24Honor Roll
    Orr, Sumner'24Honor Roll
    Perry, Barit'24Honor Roll
    Prachyl, Lucy'24Honor Roll
    Ragaishis, Ginger'24Honor Roll
    Rourke, Noah'24Honor Roll
    Schaeffer, Mason'24Honor Roll
    Schlageter, Hope'24Honor Roll
    Sexter, Henry'24Honor Roll
    Smith, Skylar'24Honor Roll
    Stalcup, Fay'24Honor Roll
    Stauss, Ava'24Honor Roll
    Stefanak, Sadie'24Honor Roll
    Stephens, Takoda'24Honor Roll
    Stone, Jasmine'24Honor Roll
    Szkutak, James'24Honor Roll
    Taub, Noah'24Honor Roll
    Tobin, Amelia'24Honor Roll
    Vickers, Clara'24Honor Roll
    Willette, Shaymus'24Honor Roll
    Andrew, Hadley'25Honor Roll
    Bensin, Breck'25Honor Roll
    Boudreau, Jeweliana'25Honor Roll
    Bronstein, Lyla'25Honor Roll
    Brown, Reed'25Honor Roll
    Bryant, Nell'25Honor Roll
    Bushee, Penelope'25Honor Roll
    Chani, Zahra'25Honor Roll
    Cimino, Gage'25Honor Roll
    DeSario, Daniel'25Honor Roll
    Edwards, Karina'25Honor Roll
    Eggers, Sadie'25Honor Roll
    Fiske, Giana'25Honor Roll
    Gordon, Chedva'25Honor Roll
    Harper, Molly'25Honor Roll
    Heleba, Maverick'25Honor Roll
    Jones, Levi'25Honor Roll
    Keeler, Anna'25Honor Roll
    Keyes, Tyler'25Honor Roll
    Levy, Ella'25Honor Roll
    Masalsky, Joseph'25Honor Roll
    McChesney, Luke'25Honor Roll
    Monegro - Vilchez, Ariana'25Honor Roll
    Moran, Kelly'25Honor Roll
    Morgan, Piper'25Honor Roll
    Morin, Luke'25Honor Roll
    Mylott, Lindsey'25Honor Roll
    Nicholson, Joe'25Honor Roll
    Oakes, Kevin'25Honor Roll
    Pajala, Olavi'25Honor Roll
    Perry, Declan'25Honor Roll
    Pirie, Julian'25Honor Roll
    Polkosnik, Albert'25Honor Roll
    Sargent, Lane'25Honor Roll
    Spencer, Daniel'25Honor Roll
    Tegenkamp, Destiny'25Honor Roll
    Trimmer, Kai'25Honor Roll
    Urbanski, Evan'25Honor Roll
    Valentine, Tessanna'25Honor Roll
    Waller, Clifford'25Honor Roll
  • The Mountain Campus Presents Local Fest

    On September 17th, we are celebrating ten years at the Mountain Campus with a day and evening of festivities: local music, local food, and lots of activities celebrating this place and its people.
  • Ben Beers doing his BBA rounds in the 1960s.

    Alumni Interview: Five Things That Matter with Ben Beers '61

    There are alumni, and then there are alumni. You know the ones - they spend their lives celebrating and elevating their school, by coaching, teaching, volunteering, and even sending their children and grandchildren to their alma mater. There are few in Burr and Burton’s 193-year history whose DNA is so indelibly intertwined with the school as Ben Beers ’61. 

    This year, Ben celebrated his 62nd year as a member of the facilities staff, starting as a part-time, after-school employee when his mother was ill in 1959 and moving to full-time after graduation. Ben famously boasts that he got married on a Saturday, graduated on a Sunday, and started his full-time career at Burr and Burton on Monday. 
  • Tonight! BBA Cinematography's Biggest Night at Riley Rink

    The Annual Gawlik Awards, honoring the achievements of students in the Cinematography program and named in memory of beloved teacher Brian Gawlik, will be held tonight at 7:00 pm at Riley Rink. Tickets are $25 and available to the general public at
  • French 3 Tells a Good Story

    Yesterday, BBA French 3 students read their own children's books aloud to 4th graders at Maple Street.
  • Sarah McMillan Honored with NEA Award

    BBA Social Studies Teacher and Food Program Coordinator Sarah McMillan was honored this month with a Vermont National Education Association (NEA) Human and Civil Rights Award.  
  • Dance, Dance, Dance: A Little Behind-the-Scenes on the Upcoming Showcase

    The Spring Theater and Dance Showcase is Thursday, May 19th at 6:30pm in the Riley Center for the Performing Arts. We caught up with some dancers to learn a bit more about what goes into getting ready.
  • Spring Athletics Roundup

    We are midway through our spring athletic season, and every team is working hard and playing well. Read on for the highlights and round up of the spring athletic season so far!
  • Spring Festival - Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow the Student Council is hosting its second annual Spring Festival! This is the most EPIC event of the year.
  • Thank you for your service!

    Yesterday, 146 tenth grade students, 18 faculty members and 20 partners spent the day making our community shine.
  • Parents: Monday Evening Workshop on Healthy Teen Relationships

    On Monday, May 9th at 6:30 pm, BBA is hosting a parent program on the unique role parents play in teaching about consent and health relationships. Please join us for this important presentation and conversation facilitated by Speak About It educators. I hope that many of you will join the conversation.

  • Shire Kids Book Swap

    Burr and Burton is excited to partner with Shire Kids for a book swap that will be held at BBA on May 14th!
  • The Rep One Act Festival - Next Week

    Burr and Burton Academy and the Student Repertory Theater Company, aka The Rep, are excited to present the One-Act Festival in the Riley Theater at Burr & Burton Academy on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 7:00pm!
  • Burr and Burton Announces the Martin Scholars

    Burr and Burton Academy announced on Monday that two juniors and two seniors will be awarded scholarships in honor of late BBA Board member, Skip Martin.

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