BBA Teachers Hit the Slopes at Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain, Vermont - March 1: On Friday, Magic Mountain welcomed Burr and Burton teachers for an afternoon of skiing. The event was a part of a new teacher-led initiative at Burr and Burton called the Collision Committee where teachers design fun ways to connect with each other off campus. Magic Mountain President Geoff Hatheway provided complimentary lift tickets so BBA teachers could have this joyful shared experience.
One of the founders of the Collision Committee, BBA math teacher Megan Gault, expressed her gratitude: “We are so lucky to live in a community where businesses such as Magic Mountain will go the extra mile to support its teachers. Every teacher around here knows that winter can be long, so we are so thankful that we can find fun ways to connect with each other.” Jon Wilson, Social Studies teacher and cofounder of the Collision Committee, echoed this sentiment: “We really appreciate Geoff Hatheway and Magic Mountain going above and beyond. It was a great day of skiing. While the snow was excellent, the best part of the day was riding up on chairlifts and talking to colleagues in other departments whom we don’t always get to connect with.”
Headmaster Mark Tashjian added, “We have a great faculty here at BBA who work very hard. We are appreciative of the local businesses who so generously support them to play hard as well.”


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