BBA's Model UN Team named to top 25 in the nation for 2018

BBA's Model UN Team was named to the top 25 in the nation for 2018. The team is led by teachers Kendra LaRoche and Tom Von Allmen. An estimated 250,000+ students in every state take part in some sort of MUN simulation throughout the academic year, with over 250 conferences working to provide unique and insightful experiences.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a student simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations. Students, referred to as Delegates, are assigned a country to represent in one of the UN’s numerous committees with pre-set topics to debate. They research the background of their country, their country's position on the topics at hand, and prepare notes on possible solutions to the problems faced. Students then convene at Model UN conferences, to debate their assigned topics with students representing the other UN member states. Much like the real UN, the goal is to identify solutions, by negotiation and consensus, on which many countries can agree.

An Interview With Kendra LaRoche, MUN Coach at Burr and Burton Academy HERE.



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