BBA Students Ranked Nationally in Le Grand Concours (National French Contest)

Marion, Illinois, April, 2018 — Nine students from Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester have medaled nationally in the 84th annual event, according to Lisa Narug, National Director of Le Grand Concours.  Le Grand Concours is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students were evaluated for their written and listening comprehension skills in French. More than 75,000 students in all 50 states competed in the 2019 event.

For the first time ever, BBA has a student who has placed first in the nation in a category! Iren Hangen-Vazquez '22 of Dorset has earned a Platinum medal by placing #1 regionally and #1 nationally at Level 4E. Additionally, BBA students Jack Martin '22 earned a Bronze medal at Level 2; Matt Sabol '21 and Juan Calvo de las Heras '21 earned Silver medals at Level 2; and Amos Smithwick '22 earned a Gold medal at Level 2. In Level 4, Noah Price '21, and Alejandro Shapiro-Mochòn '21 earned Silver medals; and Chenru Xu '19 earned a Bronze medal. Shepard Siegel '20 also earned a Silver medal at the highest level (Level 5) nationally. Finally, ten students earned national Honorable Mentions at various levels: Evangeline Bulick '21, Kate Martin '22, Sofia Sukiennik '22, Luigi Travalglini '21, Hannah Cyr '21, Molly Murphy-Major '22, Madelyn Goebel '21, Esther Mackenzie '20, and Itembe Matiku '20. All are students of BBA French teacher Michelle Emery.

AATF President Anne Jensen indicated:  French students who rank nationally in Le Grand Concours demonstrate a superior level of global responsibility, integrative cultural competence, language skills, and commitment to excellence and dedication. They significantly increase their community’s international profile. Their French teachers, whom they honor, work hard to produce responsible world citizens with multilingual capabilities. Le Grand Concours participants and winners all embrace an appreciation for other cultures, strive to continually learn and improve, and value the study of French. We are very proud of them and admire their commitment to both contributing to a better world and serving as exceptional ambassadors for their schools.
Winners list:
Level 2
Amos Smithwick '22 Gold
Matt Sabol '21 Silver
Juan Calvo de las Heras '21 Silver
Jack Martin '22 Bronze
Evangeline Bulick '21 Honorable Mention
Kate Martin '22 Honorable Mention
Sofia Sukiennik '22 Honorable Mention
Luigi Travalglini '21 Honorable Mention
Hannah Cyr '21 Honorable Mention
Molly Murphy-Major '22  Honorable Mention

Level 4
Iren Hangen-Vazquez Platinum - 1st place nationally
Noah Price '21 Silver
Alejandro Shapiro-Mochòn '21 Silver
Chenru Xu '19  Bronze
Madelyn Goebel '21 Honorable Mention

Level 5
Shepard Siegel '20 Silver
Esther MacKenzie '20  Honorable Mention


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