JV Hip Hop 2nd place

Teri Andersen
JV Hip Hop Rank #3
 -Nice walk over solo

-would like to see everyone have the same energy & face

-make sure clothing is dance appropriate pulling up pants at times

-would clean up transitions

-Watch sequencing in line formation

-great job using the whole floor

-great work! Smiley face 

-Love song

- work on timing @ floor kick out and line work section

- love how many different formations you were able to hit

- maintain same energy throughout- faces were great at times but blank at others 

-Fun handstand! 

 -strong opening & ending

-nice job performing - looked like you were having fun! Smiley face 

-Work on arm levels & timing when in line

-good use of floor work

-consider adding more tricks, jumps -enjoyed the arcs in dance