Dance Party

BBA Home Competition 1/11/20

Teri Andersen
JV competed in Jazz Rank #4 and Hip Hop Rank #7

JV Jazz
Judge 1: 
-make sure to keep straight legs, pointed toes, and hips turned out throughout the dance
- I see where you are going with the girls on the floor w/1 dancer standing- good idea w/visual levels but missed the opportunity to have girls do something give them even something small to do on the floor to keep them engaged 
- LOVED Line formation but make sure to keep line the whole time
-great job! Looked like everyone had fun!

Judge 2: 
-nice kick sequence @ start
-nice double solo
- fun music
-watch lines & holding formation while rotating
-nice toe touch
-watch timing & clarity of solos towards end started to get a little confusing
-like how start and end are the same 
-great cohesive team- just clean it up!

Judge 3: 
-loved the simplistic beat of the music
-movement provided a great variety with only 6 dancers!! Very nice
- continue to practice complete execution of moves-- pointed toes, straight knees, height of grand battements
-felt there was a little too much going on at times with the small number of dancers. More counts done in unison rather than different choreography for individuals.
-loved beginning and ending! Nice job!

JV Hip Hop
-very nice lines with the white and black costumes
-please work on “sameness” of move throughout group, synchronization, and strength of moves--- no lazy movements.
-some choreography seemed more like a pom routine -- lower and stronger!!
-Keep improving!!

Judge 2: 
-nice solo walk over- could see more from whole group behind her
-watch sequencing of transitions
-would like to see everyone show energy through facials
-little messy with sequencing of line at the end
-would like more energy
-like use of floor

Judge 3: 
-fun song!
-great rough draft- clarifying timing throughout
-looks like everyone was having a blast!
-keep faces /energy throughout!
-don’t look down
-loved how many transitions you hit
-Great job

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