Dance Trance @ Middlebury Union High School

Teri Andersen
JV Jazz Rank #8 JV Hip Hop Rank # 7
JV Jazz
Judge 1:
-Clarify level/height of legs in kicks
-Extend arms - really reach!
-great use of individual skills 
-moving line was visually appealing, work on staying in line and timing on arms 
-when circling back try to arch your backs and extend arms, beautiful …….(move/circle??)
-ending & beginning were strong
-great Job !!

Judge 2: 
-nice effort with walking kicks
-watch landing of double solo & singles of whole team
-watch timing & spacing of turning line formation
-nice use of highlighting strengths w/solos
-watch timing of ending
-great music
-bump up energy & keep working on faces

Judge 3: 
-clarifying arms @ begining are end ppl tp put arms on knees or at side
-turn hips out on kicks & developes
-love the # of transitions
-connect toe to knee on turns
-dancers look super engaged & like they’re having fun!
-go over timing throughout & polish- great rough draft
-LOVE turning line circle formation
-great height on straddle!

JV Hip Hop

Judge 1:
-Great Energy & facials
-clarify ……..  (facings/timing) In line formation
-remember isolate or use your whole body when …..(moving)
-good use of kicks
-creative movements
-loved the group formation when you all moved forward
-Great job!

Judge 2: 
-like theme
-movements need to be bigger in beginning
-watch arms synch on running man
-felt your swag today- better energy
-watch synch of arms
-nice work!

Judge 3: 
-Love the song!
-work on transitioning-switch them up-most the same
-make sure lines are straight
-I love watching this! The dancers are so engaged and having fun and it is awesome to see
-love the # of transitions