Burr and Burton Announces 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame Awards

Burr and Burton’s 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame of Awards and Alumni Recognition Awards will be presented on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at the Riley Center for the Arts at 4 p.m. during Alumni Reunion weekend. Don’t miss one of the most celebrated events of the year as we induct alumni athletes, coaches, artists, community leaders, and faculty and staff into Burr and Burton’s Hall of Fame.
The following will be honored with awards:
Athletes: Margot Benedict ’08, Erika Metger ’01, Seth Rice ’82, Raymond Spofford ‘83
Special Olympics Athlete: Benjamin Comar ‘10
Coach: Peter McNealus ‘79
Friend of Athletics: Chip Edson
Legends: Craig Fedor ’66, William Fritts ‘68
Team: 1986 and 1987 Cheerleading Teams 
Alumni Service: Sally Baldwin Utiger ‘48
Alumni Achievement: Barbara Lombardy Keough ‘53
5th Annual Alumni Arts Award: Lauren Cauley ‘08
Join us for this event and others that will be going on during Burr and Burton’s Alumni Reunion Weekend 2018 scheduled for October 12-14, 2018. Visit www.burrburton.org/alumni for more information and to register, or contact Pauline de Laszlo at 802-549-8277 or pdelaszlo@burrburton.org for more information or a copy of the Reunion brochure.