Eight students from BBA participate in The Global Science Opera (GSO)

The Global Science Opera (GSO) is a global creative education initiative that brings together science, art, students and scientists.  In GSO 2018, students from primary schools to universities, scientists, teachers, and artists from over 20 countries join to tell a story about the world’s oceans and our connection with the oceans. Eight students from Burr and Burton Academy, Henry Putney, Gwen Kekic, Adam Preiser, Mary Mendez, Celsey McMahon, Ellis Glazer, Caitlin Parker, and Ethan Prins, worked together to create and perform a scene about Greenland for the Global Science Opera – One Ocean. 

By participating in the science opera and watching it they learn about the ocean, sustainability and climate change. They also help to inform the public about some of the impacts of climate change on the oceans and specifically Greenland. For more information about the GSO-One Ocean go to http://globalscienceopera.com/productions/one-ocean-2018/

See a video HERE.

The link to watch the premier on December 12 at 2 PM CET (or 8 am EST) is http://tvoveralt.altibox.no/tv/channels/194.