The International Program Admissions Process

International Students applying to Burr and Burton should submit the following documents during the application process:

    1. Completed Application to Burr and Burton.
    2. Transcripts for the two most recent years of school.
    3. A personal statement, including why the student wants to come to the United States and Burr and Burton Academy.
    4. Recommended English language scores: TOEFL / TOEFL Junior / IELTS / ITEP / Cambridge.
    5. English teacher recommendation letter.
    6. Math teacher recommendation letter.
    7. Parents' financial statement.
    8. Family photos.

After receiving the signed contract and the initial deposit, Burr and Burton sends accepted international students a letter of acceptance with an I-20 immigration form to be presented at the consulate for the visa application. Burr and Burton also sends additional information and other forms to sign via Burr and Burton's online portal.

Accepted international students are provided the contact information for a School and College Counselor in order to begin course scheduling processes. The most current course guide can always be found online at Burr and Burton's web site.

Students are assigned to either a host family or a dorm, based on their preference.

Students needing more information about the International Program admissions process are encouraged to contact International Program Director Rene Driscoll.

Burr and Burton Academy
57 Seminary Avenue
Manchester, VT 05254
Tel: 802.549.8291
Fax: 802.362.0574

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  • Photo of René Driscoll

    RenĂ© Driscoll 

    International Program Director, Director of International Admissions
  • Photo of Kimberley Shaw

    Kimberley Shaw 

    Spanish Teacher/International Student Life Coordinator
  • Photo of Pia Nolan

    Pia Nolan 

    Host Family Coordinator
    802-362-1775 ext 150
  • Photo of Cheryl Cornwell

    Cheryl Cornwell 

    Associate Director of the International Program; Chinese Teacher; English Teacher
  • Photo of Maria Bittinger

    Maria Bittinger 

    School Counselor
    802 549-8136
  • Photo of Kelly Cray

    Kelly Cray 

    English as a Second Language Teacher