"The teaching is personal at Burr and Burton Academy - you really get to know the teachers and they clearly care about you."
- Clara, Heidelberg, Germany
"My time at Burr and Burton has been great. The courses are challenging and there are many exciting opportunities at this school."
Herman, Madrid, Spain
"My English has greatly improved while at Burr and Burton. The range of programs and opportunities is wonderful.  I learned to play the cello and love my art class."
- Angela, Shanghai, China
The mission of the Burr and Burton International Program is to provide an engaging, vigorous American educational and cultural experience, thereby enriching each international student and the overall Burr and Burton community.

International Program Information

Burr and Burton seeks international students who are highly motivated to live and learn in the United States. The international program is intentionally small, so admission to the program is very competitive. The small size of Burr and Burton's international program, about 70 students annually, allows teachers and staff to give a great deal of personal attention to international students, and allows international students ample opportunity to improve their English and integrate into the school and community culture. Countries represented by international students at Burr and Burton typically include China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, and Mexico.

International students may enroll for one semester, one year, or multiple years. The students who attend for a semester or a year follow a typical academic schedule, perfect their English, and get to know American culture. Students who attend for multiple years can graduate from Burr and Burton and go on to college in the US. Burr and Burton provides school and college counseling support throughout the college application process for those international students interested in staying in the US to attend a college or university.

In order to graduate and receive a Burr and Burton diploma, international students must attend Burr and Burton for a minimum of two years. 28 credits are required for graduation. In addition, all students are required to complete annual service learning projects. International students, like their American peers, take eight courses during the year (four courses each semester).

Burr and Burton's academic school year begins during the last week of August and closes during the second week of June. Students are required to arrive 3-4 days before the start of classes for an orientation. Student housing closes 3 days after the school year ends.

BBA at a Glance

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  • School Profile

    Historic Burr & Burton Academy is an independent, coeducational secondary school located in Vermont. Its 755 students include approximately 70 students from overseas. Situated at the foot of Mt. Equinox and overlooking picturesque Manchester Village, Burr and Burton has a proud tradition of educating students of diverse backgrounds and talents in a caring and supportive environment. Burr and Burton offers a broad array of academic courses, with over 170 classes, ranging from numerous Advanced Placement courses to special interest electives. A school and college counselor works with all students to select classes and develop an academic plan. Students continuing on to college in the US, Canada, Australia, or other countries receive extensive search and application support.
  • Dormitories and Student Residences

    Burr and Burton has five small dormitories, accommodating a total of 18 boys and 14 girls, all within walking distance of the school. The dorms are traditional New England family homes that provide a warm and comfortable environment. They have wireless internet connection, laundry facilities, TV, and telephone service. Rooms are mostly doubles, with some singles. Rooms are fully furnished, with linen and bathroom amenities. Dorms also include a computer area, living room, dining room, and kitchen. Students eat family-style with their dorm parents and roommates at dinner time. Lunch is provided at school.

    Alternatively, international students can opt to live with a local host family.
    • Students are placed with local families who are committed to sharing their lives with students from abroad. The families are interviewed and carefully selected.
    • Students have their own rooms and participate in the family activities.
    • Students have an excellent opportunity to learn more about US culture while living with a family, and to improve their English language skills.
    • Families are located near the school or within driving distance, no more than 20 minutes from the school. Host families provide transportation.
  • Facilities

    Known for its academic program of over 170 courses, as well as for its strong arts and athletic programs, Burr and Burton Academy has both historic and state of the art facilities on its college-like campus.

    Athletic facilities include a new turf field, additional playing fields, a gymnasium, and a fitness center. Burr and Burton athletes practice and compete at the Manchester Rec Park and at Riley Rink, as well as at local golf courses and ski mountains.

    The Rowland Center has sunny art studios for painting, drawing, fashion design, ceramics, and sculpture. The Riley Center for the Arts has a dance studio, band and choral rooms, rehearsal studios, a theatre, and a high tech digital music lab. The Smith Center has fully equipped digital photography, graphic design, robotics, animation, and cinematography classrooms.  The campus also houses a large woodworking shop and a STEAM lab (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). In all of these spaces, students can innovate, create, and develop their creative and design skills.

    Academic classes take place in multiple buildings and classrooms all around campus. Off-campus programs include a semester-long environmental program at Burr and Burton’s LEED certified Mountain Campus, and agriculture courses at the nearby BBA-Dene Farm Greenhouse, the largest teaching greenhouse in Vermont. Burr and Burton also has an observatory on campus.
  • Location

    • Mailing address is 57 Seminary Avenue, Manchester, Vermont 05254 USA
    • Vermont is located in New England, in the northeastern part of the US. Vermont borders New York state, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.
    • Manchester is a 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Albany, New York (the closest train station and international airport are located in Albany).
    • By car, Manchester is 3.5 hours from Boston, Massachusetts and 4 hours from New York City.
    • Manchester population: 4,600 residents.
  • Weather

    The weather in Vermont varies across four seasons:

    : September-November: 49-73F / 9.5-23C
    Vermont is famous for the colorful foliage of the trees in the fall. Tourists from all over the US come to Vermont to enjoy the scenery.

    Winter: November-March: 25-49F / -4-9.5C
    Winter sports and skiing in the Green Mountains are one of Vermont's main attractions as the state becomes blanketed in snow.

    Spring: Spring: March-June: 44-70F / 8-22C
    Budding trees, flowers and chirping song birds welcome warmer weather.

    Summer: June-August: 59-83F / 15-28C
    The Green Mountains demonstrate how they earned their name, with their lush green trees providing shade from the sun. Across the state, people enjoy swimming, golfing, hiking, tennis, and biking, among other outdoor activities.
  • School Facts

    Grades at School: 9-12
    Total Students in School: 755
    Total Number of Courses: 170
    Teacher/Student Ratio: 10:1
    Start Date: Late August
    End Date: Mid June
    (First Semester is August-December. Second Semester is January-June.)
    School Uniform Required: No

  • International Admissions Contact Information

    If you need more information about the International Program, please our international team.

    International Program Admissions Team
    Burr and Burton Academy
    57 Seminary Avenue
    Manchester, VT 05254
    E-mail: international@burrburton.org

ESL Program Levels

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at Burr and Burton Academy provides students with the tools to develop the high level of fluency required for academic success at Burr and Burton and beyond. In addition to helping students master English skills, the ESL program provides language and academic assistance with mainstream classes and, for those who plan to attend college in the U.S., support with the college search and application process. TOEFL test preparation support is also offered. Additional ESL courses include: CP ESL INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN LITERATURE and ESL HISTORY.

Level 1


This foundational English as a Second Language course is for students who need individualized instruction in all areas of fluency in order to progress to Academic English Language and other courses requiring English competency. Instruction is one-on-one and addresses students' specific skill-building needs. Required for beginning-to-low intermediate level students. Students must earn a C or higher in order to progress to CP Academic English.

Level 2


This course builds integrated intermediate-level academic English skills, including classroom speaking and listening, general academic vocabulary and grammar, reading speed and comprehension strategies, analysis of simplified and authentic fiction and nonfiction, and basic academic essay writing. After successfully completing Academic English, continuing students are required to matriculate into CP Advanced Academic English Language or CP ESL Introduction to American Literature.

Level 3


This course builds integrated advanced-level academic English skills, including classroom speaking and listening, academic vocabulary and grammar, reading speed amd comprehension strategies, analysis of authentic fiction and nonfiction, and a range of more complex academic essay structures. Required for advanced-level students and those who have completed CP Academic English with a grade of C or higher.