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Teacher Camp, gear list (for June / Vermont)
We ask that you bring personal clothing and a few specific pieces of gear; for this, there’s a detailed checklist. But all the camping gear will be provided by the Mountain Campus.
PROVIDED FOR YOU WITH THE COURSE: Backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, shelter, stove, fuel, cookware, camp food, 1liter water bottle, first aid kit, whistle, water purification system, trowel, spork and bowl for food, mid-weight hooded "puffy" (a light, insulated jacket), course materials including journal and pencils.
___ hiking boots (waterproof and broken in)
___ camp shoes (sneakers / sandals: think light weight)
___ two pairs of medium / heavy wool socks
___ 1 pair thin socks / sock liners
___ nylon hiking pants
___ 1 pair shorts (non-cotton is best)
___ two polypropylene or wool base layers (top and bottom, long underwear)
___ underwear (non-cotton is best)
___ 2 t-shirt (1 cotton ok, 1 non-cotton)
___ fleece jacket or wool sweater
___ hooded rain jacket and pants
___ 1 insulating hat (fleece, wool or synthetic)
___ 1 sun hat (full brim or baseball cap)
___ 1 pair warm mittens or gloves
___ extra water bottle
___ headlamp (with new batteries)
___ toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, hand sanitizer)
___ bandanna
___ Any medications prescribed to you - you must show these to us when you arrive
[Note: we have a stock of outdoor clothing to loan. If some of the larger items above are not in your possession, feel free to contact us after registering for the course.]
Optional gear:
___ sunglasses
___ watch
___ camera
___ hiking poles (these are great if you have weak/sore ankles or knees)
___ small pocket knife for cooking use

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