Founders Hall Design Update: August 2019

In August 2019, Burr and Burton shared the plans for Founders Hall, a 25,000 sq ft academic building made possible by the remarkable generosity of Barry and Wendy Rowland. 

See the full design booklet (PDF)



This book represents our latest thinking regarding Founders Hall, the centerpiece of The Rowland Project. Made possible by the generosity of Wendy and Barry Rowland, this building is designed to support our best educational thinking as we move deeper into the 21st century. In the course of the design process, we have thought about the importance of authentic, integrated learning experiences; the creation of learning
'neighborhoods' that allow students to collaborate across disciplines; the creation of nooks and crannies that allow students to find special places that fit with their unique personalities; and the importance of touching the heart and the human spirit to inspire great learning.

We are greatly indebted to Kyle Murphy and the architecture firm of ZGF, who have provided incredible vision, knowledge, and guidance.

From the start, we envisioned a building that captured the following principles:
  • A building that looks to the future while paying homage to the rich history of Burr and Burton Academy.
  • A building that expands BBA’s capacity and capability
  • A building that fits uniquely into its setting. Just as place-based education seeks to teach that which can be best taught in a specific location, we are hoping for a building that recognizes and capitalizes on the unique setting of its location on our campus.
  • A courtyard that enhances the community experience and allows multiple buildings to connect and relate to each other in interesting ways.
  • A building and surroundings constructed with strong consideration for economic and environmental sustainability
In reviewing this book, we hope you see these principles turned into reality. The design process continues, with ground-breaking targeted for April 2020 and construction completed by June 2021.

Imagine The Future.Thanks to Barry and Wendy Rowland, the future of this institution has never been brighter.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark H.Tashjian