Bromley for Bulldogs

Jill Perry-Balzano

In the early days of a vibrant summer, it takes a lot to make Vermonters look forward to the next winter. But that’s exactly what the team at Bromley Mountain does each spring with free ski passes for students who’ve made the Burr and Burton Headmaster’s List for the year. 

“We started providing these ski passes before I became president ten years ago,” said Bromley Mountain President Bill Cairns ‘72, “And I’ve been happy to carry on that tradition.”

Leaving school on a cold Vermont winter day, it’s possible to head up to Bromley Mountain for a few good good runs before the lifts shut down for the day. Whether it’s a student getting some exercise after class or the ski team practicing on East Meadow, the proximity helps to foster a close connection between the Manchester (BBA) community and the mountain that has been decades in the making.

Cairns, who is also a member of the BBA Board of Trustees, feels great about rewarding students for a strong academic effort: “Investing in our community and supporting students’ good academic effort pays off on so many fronts.” 

Assistant Head of School Meg Kenny explained that students have to have an A average to make the Headmaster’s List: “So this represents a significant academic achievement,” she said, “and the passes can be a real incentive for students.” 

Kenny pointed out that Bromley also provides affordable training passes for the entire Alpine ski team: “They support the team by providing the space for training and races.” Alpine Ski Team coach Trey Spencer notes that the proximity of the mountain to the school is ideal: “The hill access is super easy; it doesn't get any better than what we have.  I really can’t say enough good things about what Bill and Bromley do for our athletes.”

Burr and Burton rising senior Henry Lahue made the Headmaster’s List his sophomore year and received a free Bromley ski pass for this past winter. Lahue said that it was really nice to have the option to ski at Bromley, and that “the [pass] is a great way to reward students for focusing on their academics. It provides hardworking students an additional opportunity to get outdoors and spend time with friends.”

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