It was a great weekend at the Yale Model UN conference!

Tom von Allmen
The BBA Model UN team attended the Yale Model UN Conference last weekend. Many students were attending their first ever conference, and I was grateful to see their hard work paying off--meeting and working with 2000 interesting and talented peers from 200 schools and 40 countries. Their research and hard work showed up as they navigated their committee work: sponsoring resolutions, presenting ideas, and representing their groups in Q and A sessions. As always, everyone who attended did amazing work, and some earned recognition from their chairs. Attendees and awards are as follows:
Kian Matiku, Siobhan O'Keefe, Man Ki Cheung, Kate LeVine, Vincy Chan, Takoda Stephens, Elliot Smid, Sky Jager, Giana Fiske, Jude Fidel, Sydney Kulis, Megan Carson, Max Fyfe, Lorenzo Warnking, Sofia DeBitetto, Devon Boerem, Henry Sexter, Addy Redden, Lyra Maiello
Honorable Mentions:
Noah Rourke - Burundi; Special Political and Decolonization Committee
Outstanding Delegates:
Maura Grazioso - Peru; Commission on Population and Development
Amelia Podgorski - Italy; World Bank
Barit Perry and Joe Nicholson - Bolivia; Southern Common Market/MERCOSUR
Chris Alfano - Amy Klobuchar; 2024 Election - Democrats
Best Delegate:
Weston Nolan; Peru - Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Kallen Fenster; Bolivia - Paris Peace Conference 1919-20
The Model UN team will be off to BosMUN in two weeks, so many are already working on their next sets of position papers! (Don't worry teachers - we will not be missing two days of school for that one). As course selection approaches, if anyone is curious about Model UN, I encourage them to reach out to me or any of the students listed above!